MARATHON MAN (1976) 1080P [BD-RIP]

MARATHON MAN (1976) 1080P [BD-RIP]

Marathon Man     08 Oct 1976

R 125 min Released

IMDB: 7.5/10 45,547 votes

Release Date: 8 October 1976 (USA) Genres: Crime | Thriller Format: MP4 Language: English Subtitle: Indonesia Size: 2,2GB In New York, the brother of an infamous Nazi war criminal is killed in a head-on collision with an oil truck. Shortly thereafter, members of a covert U.S. government group called the Division begin being murdered one by one. Meanwhile, graduate student and marathon runner Thomas "Babe" Levy researches history as his father, who committed suicide after the Communist witch hunts of the McCarthy era ruined his reputation. ...

CARRIE (1976) 1080P [BD-RIP]

CARRIE (1976) 1080P [BD-RIP]

Carrie     16 Nov 1976

R 98 min Released

IMDB: 7.4/10 128,796 votes

Release Date: 3 November 1976 (USA) Genres: Horror Format: MP4 Language: English Subtitle:  Indonesia Size: 1,6 GB Carrie White is a shy young girl who doesn't make friends easily. After her class mates taunt her about her horrified reaction to her totally unexpected first period one of them takes pity on her and gets Tommy Ross, her boyfriend and class hunk to invite Carrie to the senior prom. Meanwhile another girl who has been banned from the prom for her continued aggressive behaviour is not as ...